Tikiti & Tamy! … Doubble Consciousness is like Peeing Outside the BOX!!

Tikiti & Tamy have been peeing outside their litter box.  I don’t know what’s going on.  I consider myself a great! cat mommy.  Well’ maybe not great, nobody is perfect, but I just adore my little furry mammals…I think!

Rushing for work in the morning means getting myself together, looking after the boys, feeding the cats and then running downstairs to quickly ‘scoop the poop’ and get that bus.   I’m gonna make it! … OH NO!! … Not again, Tikiti and/or Tamy  PEED’ outside their litter box … AGAIN!  Urge!!!

Why does this happen every so often without rhyme or reason?  I CAN’T FIGURE IT OUT!!   I know there’s an answer but what is it.  Are they stressed, is this behaviour.  Aaah Man! …   “T I M E … M A R C H E S … O N “… ! IT’S STILL HAPPENING!!!!!  Three years later …. Wow!  I really don’t know what to do with these cats!  They don’t even care… I know they’re just cats, but I’m really taking this personally.  I don’t even wanna ask anyone to watch them if I go away because I’m so embarrassed for anyone to have to deal with this.

It takes so much time to clean and I’m still stressed about it.  Why isn’t the answer coming to me?  They’re not stressed!  They’re not sick!  They’re eating and playing!  I keep cleaning the litter box!! … What is it??   I don’t even have an idea as to when it’s going to happen.   Well, one day I decided to examine the litter box.  Now I’ve done this before, along with watching umpteen amounts of cat videos.  This time it was different.  I got to the box shortly after Tikiti made pee-pee …. Noooo Way!! … It’s Tikiti!!!  It’s Tikiti!!  Tikiti is peeing outside the box!!    Amazing!  Amazing Revelation!   Ya wanna know why Tikiti, and probably Tamy, is doing this?  I am so ‘Laughing Out Loud’ at myself.  Lol ..ol.. ol for real!


I’m just kidding.  Some time ago I bought a new litter box.  It wasn’t as deep as the one before and it was a little smaller, a little shorter.  It was easier for me to clean and I thought it was great!  Well, apparently it didn’t really affect the cats because they were just carry on as usual.  Or were they??  Their behaviours were the same as always, but not their peeing.  They were still peeing in the box, but because the box wasn’t as deep and was a little smaller and SHORTER!   Some of the pee-pee was spilling over the edge!!!!!!!  depending on how they positioned themselves.  Marvellous! This is great!  … I love it!!   …  Not the cleaning up the pee part … but are you feeling me here???  I know what the problem is, I have the information,  It went on for so long but now… I … Have … The … Truth!!!  I know the back story, I have the answer, I can do something about it.  I’m going right out and I’m gonna buy a new litter box… “Happy Days are Here Again” … Later!!

This is what Doubble Consciousness is like.  When people, all people, don’t have certain information.  It could be like having information that helps you to do your job better.  You take a short course and all of a sudden you’ve optimized your worth because of that knowledge.  If we don’t have the back story, we don’t have ‘the know’ the truth that will make us free and whole as people, as a nation or nations.  We would like to think that because of a sense of humanity we would want that for each other.  Though Ancestors and Elders have always kept it alive.  This has been our victory!!  The truth will always come, it always finds us.  It is always left for us by our Ancestors and our Elders and on and on to the next generation.  However; at periods of time in history, again and again, living may seem somewhat sequestered.

When the power of certain knowledge and truth has not been provided in the educational system like it has been for other groups.  When, especially, oppressed, marginalized and dehumanized peoples have to handle micro and macro aggressions in a multigenerational and intergenerational way passing it on because this is how they have been assimilated.  Who has a heart for history when one is hustling and stressed and aggressed!

“Shhh … don’t talk about it”  You see, it’s inconvenient to speak about it or, ‘God forbid’  you complain around it because it causes fragility in other groups.  ‘It’ yes ‘It’ … When some groups feel like they have had to ‘shuck and jive’ their whole lives because other groups are so fragile.  When it seems, implicitly, of course, that one has to ask for permission even to acknowledge this within themselves it becomes an implicit shame… on you!  Of course, you can only imply the shame, speaking about it has not been acceptable and most distasteful for some.


One cannot even discuss it without people, making a joke, taking deep breaths, rolling their eyes … exhibiting just overall fragility and discomfort. When the Oppressor, Mr. Supreme comes along with His Implicit Racial Bias.  These groups, especially brown & black people, suffer ‘An Assaulted Sense of Self’ a term from Professor of Family Therapy, Dr. Kenneth Hardy, and according to common sense, surely The Supreme and the like’ can spot Internalized Oppression.  We have observed how other groups are offered repair and are encouraged to facilitate a type of reconciliation within themselves and this in turn fosters a certain harmony in their relationship with Humanity.


On a liter or ‘litter’ note.  Things are going great with Tikiti & Tamy and the Litter Box.  NO ISSUES HERE.  No more peeing outside the box.  I returned the cat box to them that they really liked.  It’s large enough and life is grand in their little lives.  It’s amazing when you have the answers when you make that connection.  There’s nothing worse than knowing the answer is there, but you don’t know it.  The information, the truth is there somewhere but you don’t have it!!!  I’m so glad I do now, so glad.  My life is completely different.  There is no more stressing about the litter box and not knowing the answer, the truth!

Truly, the answers come to you in our Doubble Consciousness Webinars.  We have all groups in the room.  Teachers, Social Workers, Therapists, Community Members … wonderful people, just wanting to learn.  Desiring the information. White, Black, LatinX, Asians, First Nations, the Diverse … all groups.  We look forward to seeing you there.  Thank you for your time.

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Sandra McKechnie

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