Keynote Speaker & Forum Presenter

I had the pleasure of seeing Sandra present Double Consciousness and was utterly impressed by her delivery and interpretation of the material, which at times can be uncomfortable to those who’ve never heard anything about the pathology behind systemic racism. Sandra will take the layman listener on a historical adventure, underneath the surface of what has been told and written in mainstream History. She manages to captivate the audience with her unique performance style from years of being on stage. Even the anti-oppression /anti-racism academic will learn something new from her engaging presence. Sandra’s a very comfortable speaker, as it takes a special person to be able to illustrate the dense subject matter in Double Consciousness with clarity and conviction…

Roxanne Joseph, MFA
Artistic Director, PEAR Living


Sandra McKechnie

Sandra McKechnie began entertaining audiences over 25 years ago as a dynamic, soul-inspiring songstress, lyricist, and producer. Her belief in the virtue of humanity is what led her to incorporate Double Consciousness into her creative portfolio, further elevating the spirit of listeners through her public speaking.

Born in Barbados, West Indies, Sandra immigrated to Toronto, Canada with her family when she was eight years old.  She has graced the stages of numerous venues as a solo artist and keynote speaker in Southwestern Ontario, The Maritimes and in the United States as a solo artist with a dedicated fervor. Sandra was featured in a number of concerts and television appearances throughout the mid-90’s to early 2000’s. Lending her talent for benefit shows and collaborating with other musicians on their projects, garnered Sandra critical acclaim for her artistry and skills.

Alongside her artistic pursuits, Sandra’s compassionate nature is evident in her role as a Primary Counsellor, working for the Salvation Army, assisting those with Developmental Disabilities. She can be found in the community at any time assisting one of her clients.

Sandra was endorsed by one of the Directors at Yonge Street Mission (YSM) as Key Note Speaker and presenter of Double Consciousness, this year in April and June 2018. The reviews for these two presentations were no less than inspiring.

Double Consciousness, is the culmination of Sandra’s personal research and exploration, triggered by an urgency to delve deep beneath the surface of Black History as it was told. She shares her findings in a stimulating, upbeat fashion with numerous details and relevant facts that have impacted the fate of two distinct groups of people. Though this is the case, the information remains very relevant and inclusive, encompassing all race groups as they socially interact.