Doubble Consciousness in the 21st Century deserves a doubble 'BB'.  It was birthed from the insight and concepts of W.E.B. Du Bois'.
W.E.B. Du Bois

Doubble Consciousness in the 21st Century deserves a doubble ‘BB’.  It was birthed from the insight and concepts of W.E.B. Du Bois’. The nature of the Black Community over generations is like a chameleon. Code-switching, often changing behaviours, beliefs, even social norms. In the culture of white privilege, generations adapt to two social identities to get along and fit in.  Many beliefs reveal as myths that come with internalized oppression.

They are challenged with a new mindset, a strange alignment, that seems to present itself as a sort of Stockholm Syndrome.  A costly fragmentation; sometimes feeling like a mere shadow of their true racial identity.  Join us, as we progressively resolve to strive for Racial Conciliation and Harmony.


About the Webinar Series

Doubble Consciousness Fundamentals

Double Consciousness refers to having two streams of thought and two social identities.  This refers to those that were assimilated upon trauma.  A Nation reconciling with their twoness Sandra brings this concept to the 21st Century with 2b’s … no it’s not a spelling error!  The content of this webinar relates to race identity, racial bias, racism, and white privilege. We take a look at Dr. Joy DeGruy’s work, Dr. Kenneth Hardy, Tommy Curry’s work, and some great psychologists, therapists, and social scientists.   The Dichotomy and Duality of the two nations are thoroughly unpacked.  The sessions are inclusive, having brown & black people, white people, several groups present.  There is literally a transformation of hearts as we travel through a ‘time warp’ from the present to the past and back home again.

Doubble Consciousness Advanced

After completion of Doubble Consciousness Fundamentals, the “Advanced” sessions offers deeper content. It deals with the black community and the black family looking through an anti-oppressive lens at our black men and women.  We unpack the Suffrage Movement and how it affected women of colour.  We also cover the influence of the women’s movement and what it had to do with the position of black women in the family unit.

The content will touch on internalized racial oppression and other topics surrounding racism. The Advanced sessions also look at Historian Educator Carol Anderson’s work, along with Catrice Jackson. She is one of the leading voices on racial justice, a speaker, educator, and author of the book, Weapons of Whiteness.

Doubble Consciousness Meets The Faith

It is required to complete the Fundamentals and Advanced Webinars before attending Doubble Consciousness Meets The Faith.

All potential participants are required to go through an informal screening process.


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