Changing this huge part of my life affected every other area … TRANSFORMATIONAL!! THREE LIFE-CHANGING SECRET QUESTIONS… 1. Did You Get Through it?!? 2. Did You Get Through It Another Time! 3. Did You Learn From It! … And Exactly What Was That! 1. Did You Get Through it?!? Life has changed so much for […]

Racialized Person? … What About It??

Racialized I identify as a racialized person in this way. First of all, the term is a label that can further dehumanize a particular group or groups.  It can be said that its construct or origin has been developed and perpetuated, by those that consider themselves supreme or part of a dominant race.  Though it […]


It isn’t your fault our mine, no. It isn’t our fault but we can choose to do something about it. Brothers and sisters but yet not Bredren!! How did we get here, but yet I’m so glad I’ve come. It seems we are somewhat inseparable, for I see you are here too. There is so […]

I Can’t Breathe

I’m so glad that you are reading this. In case people of colour, excuse the bi-words, show up disillusioned, stressed, dejected, COVITTED, battle fatigued, in any way during this time, you will know that this may be a reason. This is not just a 21st Century issue for us. Referring to George Floyd of course; […]

You’re Awake Now; Get Up & Come ‘on! PUSH!!

There seems to be gross darkness that’s covering the earth.  It’s crept up on us, like a serpent. People are really, really tired … a strange tiredness. Young, old, and indifferent; more people are being quite vocal about it. Some are afraid and depressed. Will we continue to labor just for the temporal, using our […]