When black people get together (excuse the byword) they love to chill & Lim.  It’s just something we do. In fact, you do it too, in fact, most people do it.   I’ll fill you in on what it really is.  It’s really like relaxing but kinda not’  …  lol.  Let’s get some clarity.  First of all, let’s look at relaxing.


I give you a call and ask you what you are doing right now.  You may respond, “I’m relaxing”.   Then the next time you call me, you may ask me what I’m doing, and I may respond, “I’m just chillin”  They’re the same but they are not.  You see some people may not quite understand this.  Black people can Chill with a whole bunch of people, one person, or all by themselves.  Some of us have the unique ability to Chill’ when everyone else may be quite stressed out around us.  In fact, if we can’t find the Chill’ in the stress, we will immediately remove ourselves from the situation without apology.


Now we can chill with anyone but that group of people have to be Chill’ Worthy.  It can get a little bit complicated.  We don’t book Chillin waaaaay … in advance, on a calendar, and write down who is bringing the chips and dip and who is bringing the wine and cheese.  Oh no’ that has been constructed already by design.  You see when the phone rings and someone on the other end asks, “What a ya doin” They are usually a part of the Chill’ Posse!   Notice the informality.  However if someone calls and says,  “Hi how are you, what are you up to, what are you watching? And then what are you going to do?  Can I drop by and just hang out?”  Now that may be a red light!!  Why?”  First of all, that person is asking too many questions for a Chill’  That  tells me:

  1. They are gonna talk a lot
  2. They probably want to be entertained
  3. The fact that they wanna know what I’m gonna do after what I’m not doin…cause I’m Chillin’, tells me that I need to get out of this call quickly… THERE IS NO CHILL WORTHINESS HERE … NONE!  WHATSOEVER!!

More to come …




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